You on a site of the most progressive Online game Fighters and Wizards. Here you can spend time, get acquainted with pleasure with interesting people and find to yourselves friends. It is role game. You should play for the character in world WaM, to improve its skills and abilities, to spend fights, to participate in the championships, to conclude the unions or to be at enmity with other players. The unique system of battles developed for game, transforms fights into fascinating duels and fascinating fights. Thanks to own intelligence and skills of fight, coordination of actions of allies you have possibility to beat any opponent. But WaM is more than simply game. Being here, you will plunge into other world, become the participant of virtual events and will pass them with real people. In game the friendly behaviour, the help to other players is welcomed, therefore can not be afraid, that to you something will be not clear. You always can ask for suggestions either the help at helper or other players, for this purpose you need to ask the question in the general chat. Join us, Welcome.

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Most progressive Online game Fighters and Wizards.